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Loans without payroll accounting I guess I can not file as a paycheck for loans. Who grants a loan without payroll accounting? Thus, a large part of the montalen fixed costs, such as electricity or sewage, can hardly be covered.

If you want to satisfy your needs, banks often intervene to provide a loan without payroll accounting.

If you want to satisfy your needs, banks often intervene to provide a loan without payroll accounting.

With a loan without a pay slip, the monthly salary is therefore no longer required. However, the debtors still have to show other securities at the credit institutions.

This includes, for example, an existing life insurance policy or ownership of real estate. Of course, there should be no negative credit bureau entry for a loan without life insurance. If this is not the case, a guarantor can nevertheless be established, who can intervene in case of bankruptcy of the borrower and make the payments. Possible conditions for a loan without payroll accounting.

In general, the framework for a loan without payroll accounting is the same as for conventional loans, ie the range of the loan amount is between EUR 1,000 and EUR 100,000. The repayment period can be set between one and one hundred months. In most cases a loan without payroll accounting is offered as installment loan. The borrower must repay his payments on a monthly basis.

The amount of monthly installments can be determined by adjusting the loan amount and the loan term. Of course, the partial payments should be so high that they can still be paid with the monthly income. And then such a loan is a good thing.

Credit with 1 payroll –  Feedback

Credit with 1 payroll - 09.2018 Feedback

I finally have a permanent job after the probation period. But I’m looking for a loan with 1 payroll. Is the bank willing to grant me a loan? If the employee of your bank wins regularly and you have a good credit rating, there should be nothing in the way of a loan.

It’s different when your credit bureau is positive. There are very good results with the company Maximolia.The following loans were last requested by our readers. Most banks only want to have a pay slip. Therefore, you can also give the first explanation for the application for a loan.

Outside the test phase and without a time limit then a loan is possible. If a traditional house bank refuses, you can still turn to a credit intermediary. The broker provides you with different credit rating models that may be suitable for you.

Why do you only have a payroll? Also during the internship phase you were paid a fee. For the house bank, the old accounts are important, so that the average salary is recognizable. In addition, the bank notes that there were no seizures in recent months. It does not matter if you have only one or more billing runs after the wait.

It is important that you have completed the professional practice, that the minimum length of employment complies with the conditions of application and that proof of employment is available. The credit comparison  makes it very comfortable, which concrete conditions are to be met by a certain offerer. However, if you are only interested in small sums of money, 100 to 500 EUR with a period of 30 days, a mini-balance with payroll would be possible.

If you have so far only one pay slip, you must show in any case your employment contract. If you are no longer on probation, that should not be. In addition to the employment contract and a payroll you must also be able to submit your bank statements, as they check whether you have anything on your account at all.

This is the certainty that you now have the certainty that you will continue to receive a fixed salary in the future. You do not have to worry about this, you can ask for a loan somewhere now because the banks are just asking you to be out of probation.

You’ll probably have to submit the last 3 pay slips you receive to prove that you always have the same amount of salaries. In addition, banks need access to the bank account to verify that their wages have actually been received there. When looking for a cheap loan in the form of interest rates, we recommend that you search the Internet.

For most lenders, 3 payrolls are required. The application conditions indicate whether a pay slip is sufficient or not. However, almost all lenders require that you have been with the client for several months. If this is not the case, eg if you have been employed indefinitely without a probationary period, it will be difficult to identify a lender.

In such complicated situations, there are basically only loans from private lenders. But also private investors in P2P loans via portal. A loan request with two participants would also be conceivable. The credit approval depends on the creditworthiness of the second participant. After all, you had your probation.

There are also some credit institutions that provide credit during the trial period. You have already earned money during probation and brought a certificate. O To make a loan application (our recommendation, please click here). Immediately after the application you will receive a loan from several banks.

I have just received three loan offers that were presented to me there. The credit after the trial period is the earliest conceivable period for installment loans of a house bank. However, not every institute grants loans quickly just because the probation period is over. My recommendation is to have credit through an intermediary. It could also be an obstacle to crediting sales credits in transit with a pay slip. Basically, you need an income from work for a loan. After you have already done so, you should be able to apply for a loan as usual.

Of course, because you recently received your new employment contract, you can only submit a pay slip. Find a house bank with a cheap price quote and apply for a loan. However, first read the credit terms. 

During the probation period you must have received payroll. However, having a loan is better now. This would not have been possible during the probationary period. Find a house bank on the net by a credit comparison. However, your earnings must be over half of the seizure limit, otherwise it is not possible with a loan.

Anyone who stands by it and has a good house chauffeur should not be in the way of a credit obligation. change (function () {$ (“form # exampleCredit”). submit ();}); }); Your request does not make me very smart: On the one hand, you write that you have survived your professional practice and are now working indefinitely. In your “new” state, however, you first have a “new” payroll.

But what’s stopping you from submitting the payroll for the previous month? The lender recognizes immediately that you have managed conscientiously and your employment has been extended. Do not worry if the previous value was lower (eg because you were still a trainee): The credit is based on the new income.

First, I would like to congratulate you on your new job and professional practice. If you have a permanent job in your pocket, having a loan should not be an obstacle. If you have an in-house bank, you can finance it. But you can choose cheaper loans on the net.

You need a valid pay slip for a credit memo request. I am not aware that you also have to submit old payslips. If you have determined a suitable service offer for you, you can immediately submit the benefit claim on the Internet.

If you are not sure about your paycheck, you can contact the house bank’s telephone hotline and ask. Since everything in an online loan application is automatic, you must be reckoned with a rejection of credit. With three paychecks, the whole thing looked different. And then it could work with a loan in two months.

Hello, I really do not understand why you only have one paycheck. With proper understanding, your probationary period is over – you should have more payrolls. If this is the first billing after the probation period, this is not a disadvantage at all. All you have to do is prove that the probationary period has expired and that you are employed indefinitely, which in case of doubt would also apply to your employment contract.


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