Cooking credit: how to anticipate its financing!


Do you want to refurbish or completely redecorate your own kitchen? The purchase of the new kitchen represents a substantial cost.

Credit is an option to consider to attain your project without necessarily waiting around to have all the available financial savings.

Realize building with a loan

Realize your project with a loan

Perhaps you have a clear idea of ​​what you desire for your kitchen?

  • You dream of the kitchen with central isle and industrial glass.
  • The ideal for you will be a large, enclosed kitchen, large enough to accommodate the whole family throughout the breakfast table.
  • You want an open kitchen along with bar.
  • You need a turnkey solution, fully outfitted and equipped or, on the other hand, you prefer to choose the different components alone, and compose a distinctive custom kitchen, etc .

Whatever building your shed, make a loan to financial his new kitchen is extremely advantageous:

  • Interest rates are very attractive, lower for a few years now.
  • You do not have all the savings necessary to finance your project, taking a mortgage can not wait to have capitalized all the cash needed for this particular purchase. A new kitchen symbolizes a significant budget, which can take the time to materialize by saving.
  • Kitchen manufacturers plus department stores that sell kitchen areas in kits sometimes create limited-time promotional offers. Using a loan, you can jump on the particular occasion so that it does not move under your nose.
  • The loan work of the new kitchen may include the particular acquisition of new home appliances.

How much in order to borrow to redo your own kitchen?

How much to borrow to redo your kitchen?

The amount you will require for your new kitchen depends upon your project:

  • Fitted kitchen: This kitchen area is thought to measure, based on your space. Its set up is carried out by experts. Count minimum 9 000/10 000 €, including putting.
  • Equipped cooking area: it is based on the same basic principle as the kitchen, except that every appliances are included. Therefore, it is more expensive. Its cost is barely estimable, because of the variety of selling prices of all its elements.
  • Kitchen kits: this is actually the most interesting option economically talking, since equivalent materials, you can pay on average 20 in order to 30% less than a custom cooking area. This differential is described because it is you who the actual installation of the kitchen. This option would be to choose only if you are just a little handyman. The price then depends upon what materials and quality from the kitchen: expect an average of € 5, 000.

You are interested in a cooking area kit but do not wish to arrange installation? Expect in between 1, 000 and two, 000 € for set up if the professional is a prepare, and between 600 plus 800 € if you use your local store where you bought the kitchen products.

A new kitchen area may involve the buy of new appliances. You will need to supply:

  • a minimum of € 300 for a dishwasher;
  • at least one hundred € for gas or even electric hobs;
  • at least 300 € intended for induction hobs;
  • from 300 € to have an oven;
  • a minimum of 250 € for a mixed oven / hob;
  • at least 350 € for a combined fridge or freezer;
  • a minimum of 150 € for a cover;
  • on average seven hundred € for the models of kitchen area robots cookers.

The prices of outfitted kitchens that you can find within kitchen or  stores never usually include the cost of devices or the faucets.

Remember to add it to find out the amount of your total package to provide.

Exactly what credit to choose to financing your kitchen?

What credit to choose to finance your kitchen?

The particular loan for a kitchen is really a loan whose repayment time period depends on the amount borrowed as well as your ability to repay:

  • The repayment phrase can not be less than 3 months.
  • At most, she can move up to 10 years.

Several types of work financial loans are possible for your cooking area:

  • The particular assigned credit: it enables to finance a specific buy, which must be detailed within the contract. If the purchase from the kitchen was not finally produced, the loan would be terminated.
  • Personal loan: It is really an unallocated credit, which you can use just as much as you like. The repayment from the loan is due, even if the buy of the kitchen is not accomplished.
  • The spinning credit: it consists of placing at your disposal a sum of money, useful as you want, totally or even only partially. You pay out interest only on the quantities used. The usable swimming pool is replenished as you repay it.

You are able to borrow up to 75 500 €. Beyond, it is no more a consumer credit.

If you are renovating your kitchen area yourself, some fundamental errors should be avoided:

  • Install the air conditioning elements near the cooking components: the risk is an overconsumption of most your appliances. A space associated with at least 40 cm should be provided between these components.
  • Put the dishwasher or washing machine under your cooking food plates: these appliances result in inevitable moisture that could harm the electric circuits from the hob.
  • Never apply the triangle associated with activity rule: the three or more key areas of the kitchen, specifically the sink, the fridge and the cooking zone, should be close enough for the kitchen area to be functional.

How to get a loan for the kitchen?

How to get a loan for your kitchen?

To build your document, you will need to provide the following:

  • proof of identification and domicile;
  • your last 3 claims of account;
  • if you have opted for an designated credit, proof of the work to become done (quote for example);
  • proof of earnings: pay slips, last taxes notice, etc .

This list is not really exhaustive and may vary somewhat depending on the organization from which a person take the loan.

Your file will then be used by the lending institutions, that will develop a personalized credit provide. After signature, you will have fourteen days to exercise your correct of withdrawal.

By going through our comparator of credits works for the kitchen, you will be able to choose the greatest rate negotiated with our companions, in complete transparency. To get this done, fill in the amount you want to lend and the ideal repayment time period: you will then have free gain access to without commitment to the greatest rates negotiated with our companions. <

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